Outsourced Customer Service

Customer Service is the backbone of all successful Tourism and Hospitality companies. In Today’s connected world, customers expect responses quickly and on multiple channels. Aloha Answers plays a vital role in giving your customers the answers they need. 
With experienced concierges and tour operators answering calls, Aloha Answers feels like an in-house department delivering top-notch customer support. Our team works remotely, keeping your costs low.

Omnichannel Support

Aloha Answers is more than a call center, it is a contact center. What’s that mean? It means that we do more than calls. Aloha Answers’ agents handle omnichannel customer support, including calls, email, chat, voice over IP (VoIP) and website support. We understand that different guests have preferred channels and it’s best to communicate with them where they are comfortable.

Benefits of Outsourced Customer Service

Cost Savings
Aloha Answers experienced team works remotely, keeping costs low. The monthly cost is less than hiring in-house employees to cover the same hours.
Answered Calls
Missing customer service calls causes cancellations and complaints. By outsourcing to a call center you will increase answered calls and decrease complaints and cancellations.
Expanding Coverage
With some staff residing on the mainland, Aloha Answers is able to increase the hours that your phones are answered.
Increased efficiency
Our team handles routine customer service tasks, freeing up your team to focus on higher-value work. The result will be a noticeable improvement in output efficiency and quality levels.
Business Growth
The additional capacity gained from the support of an outsourced team can help organizations focus on increasing profits and exploring new business growth opportunities.
Eliminating Staffing Issues
Ask us how we helped some companies that were suffering from quiet quitting, call-outs, and tardiness. 
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