Buy Sell Agreements for Tourism Companies

Secure a Smooth Transition with Buy/Sell Agreements
Unforeseen events can disrupt any business. As a business owner in Hawaii, you’ve built something special – but what happens if a partner exits unexpectedly, passes away, or becomes unable to work? Buy/Sell Agreements are your safety net, ensuring your business continues smoothly and your investment is protected.

What is a Buy/Sell Agreement?

Sets clear terms for how a partner’s share of the business will be handled in situations like death, disability, retirement, or if they simply want to leave.
Prevents disputes and ensures the business has the resources to continue.
A legally binding contract between business owners.

Why You Need a Buy/Sell Agreement

You decide who can buy a departing owner’s share, preventing unwanted outsiders from disrupting your business.
Ensures funds are available to buy out a departing owner, protecting heirs and the remaining business.
Fair Value
Predetermines the price of a business share, avoiding costly and stressful valuation disputes during a difficult time.
Peace of Mind
Knowing your business, employees, and family are protected, no matter what happens.

Types of Buy/Sell Agreements

Partners buy each other’s shares using personal funds or life insurance.
A combination of the above for flexibility.
The business itself buys back the departing owner’s share.

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