Revenue Management

What Is Revenue Management?
The right price is often more about the needs of the guest than about your costs. For example, in the summer when there is an increase in family travel, we can run promotions with discounts for children. We can set up your OTA (Online Travel Agency) pricing to achieve best results. 

What is Yield Management?

Yield management is part of revenue management that optimizes revenue by making frequent adjustments to prices in response to demand, competition, and availability. 
In the Tours, Activities, and Attractions industry, there are complications with yield management that hotels and airlines have already overcome.
There are so many different res tech booking systems and some have API’s but the API mapping does not allow for yield management.
Many brick and mortar affiliate contracts have requirements that make frequent rate changes difficult.
Many OTAs don’t allow for rate changes without a 30 day notice.
At Aloha Answers we can develop your revenue management plan and implement yield management to optimize your availability and maximize your profit.
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